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This just in…Black Women are the least attractive??!

16's Candles


After writing a whole drawn out blog post delving into the possibility of Stacey Dash and Kim Kardashian being the most beautiful women in the limelight in modern history, and then exploring the possible sociological and scientific reasons why this may be, here comes the next big stir on the internet to rile Black women up.

There’s now irony in the fact that I pointed out how Dash and Kardashian’s racial ambiguity play a huge part in their appeal and attractiveness across the board. They have safe looks. Looks that are not extreme by most measures, especially in western civilization. Hence there is no threat and a higher level of desire for them from multiple races due to a symmetrical blend of exotic and tame.

Now this article posted and then later removed on a blog connected to PsychologyToday magazine (one of my favorite publications), took a similar route…

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